Indie author Lou Yardley talks Rise of the Carnivores

Being an independent author is a tough gig just ask Lou Yardley. We got a chance to quiz the budding writer about her latest novel Rise of the Carnivores and upcoming release We All Scream for Ice Cream.

Tell us where the idea came from for Rise of the Carnivores?

It all started out as a bit of a joke to be honest. Last summer I was really excited for “Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom” and “The Meg”, so there was an ongoing Twitter joke that I should write my own “dinoshark” story. I suppose many people would have just laughed and moved onto the next thing, but not me – I had to write something about dinosaurs!

It sounds like a crazy concept, was it always your plan to think outside the box for the plot?

I’m a big fan of B-movies, so I wanted something as outlandish and over-the-top as some of those films can be. I wanted to do something where I wasn’t tied to what was realistic (not that any of my books are realistic!) and where I could purposefully “jump the shark”. Most of all, I wanted it to be fun. “Rise of the Carnivores” should be the kind of book where the reader can lose themselves for a few hours.

How long does it take you to write a novel?

Usually around a couple of months. It depends on how firm the storyline is in my head. If it’s all pretty much there, then it’s a relatively quick process, but if I find myself exploring, then it can take a bit longer.

Now that authors can self publish is this making it easier for writers to get their name out there?

Yes and no. Self-publishing is the easy part, but just because your book is available on Amazon and the like, it doesn’t mean that people are going to find you and buy it. As an indie author, you need to learn about promotion and I’m finding that’s the tricky part. There are a lot of websites out there that are willing to tell you the secret of success in that area, but most of them want to charge you a small fortune and I’m not entirely convinced that they’re all that helpful. Some are, but definitely not all. It’s just like anything really, you need to keep working at it.

You also have another book coming out soon, tell us more about We All Scream for Ice Cream?

“We All Scream for Ice Scream” is a weird and wonderful short story where one of the scenes (I won’t say which) came to me in a dream! Just like “Rise of the Carnivores”, it’s there to entertain, but the subject matter is very different. There are no dinosaurs for one thing! This time we’re dealing with strange monsters and creepy ice cream trucks – and it’s all told from the point of view of an eleven-year-old girl. There’s a fair bit of gore and a whole load of weirdness! A Goodreads review has already described it as a “video nasty come to life”. That really made my day when I read that.

Who are you reading at the moment?

“Relics” by Shaun Hutson.

Tell us some of your favourite authors?

There are loads! Stephen King is probably the obvious one, but I also love James Herbert, Shaun Hutson, Graham Masterton, Brian Lumley, Markus Heitz, Ben Galley, Richard Laymon, Peter V Brett, S.E England, Darcy Coates, D.J Doyle, Ania Ahlborn, P.J. Blakey-Novis and Toneye Eyenot.

What are you writing about next?

I’ve just started the editing process for a novel called “The Deal Maker”. In short, it’s about a demonic creature that does deals with people. It was interesting to see how far my characters would go – and what they’d be willing to sacrifice – to reach their goals. Plus, there’s a decent amount of gore and that’s always good fun!

Order Rise of the Carnivores by Lou Yardley Here

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