Jaws – The Resurrection?

It seems sacreligious to consider that Spielberg’s Jaws will ever get remade but in this golden age of computer graphics can it ever really be ruled out?

The Jaws franchise has laid dormant since 1987’s Jaws: The Revenge, a woeful sequel which aimed to close off the Brody families run ins with killer Great Whites.

With series’ such as Star Wars, Blade Runner, Halloween and Rocky all receiving renaissances in the past few years with sequels and spin offs, is Jaws ripe for new material?

But if Universal decided to revive Jaws what would it look like?

As previously mentioned a remake would be angrily received by fans of the series, so could they take the Halloween-route with a fast forward sequel to the original with a new generation of the Brody’s terrorised again?

Another avenue could be a period sequel set in the 1980’s or 1990’s with recasting of some of the original cast, such as Chief Brody and Matt Hooper.

Shark movies are big business for Hollywood again with the success of The Shallows, 47 Metres Down and The Meg, so it seems a revival of the Jaws franchise could be closer than its been in three decades.

The Shallows also showed that with quality special effects you can create a realistic looking shark and not have the hassle of using an animatronic version as Spielberg did all those years ago.

So if a continuation of the Jaws series was announced tomorrow what would you like to see?

Comment below and let us know.

1 comment

  1. It would have to be a sequel. There would be no upshot to remaking such a classic. Get Dreyfuss and have him mentor Mike Brody as they investigate shark attack sites.


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