Take a Bite Out of These Gator and Croc Flicks

Alexandre Aja makes his return to horror this summer with new alligator movie Crawl.

To get you prepared for what looks like a bareknuckle ride to the jaws of hell here’s four essential croc or gator films to see.

Lake Placid (1999)

David E. Kelley mixed visceral horror and comedy perfectly in this Betty White starring chomper from the late 90’s. A quaint lake in Maine is terrorised by a gigantic alligator, with Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, Oliver Platt and Brendan Gleeson teaming up to take it down. Sadly it has produced a handful of straight to video sequels in the years since.

Alligator (1980)

Coming off the back of the success of Jaws and Piranha, Alligator is another film that skirts closely to comedy but is certainly much darker than Lake Placid, as an alligator flushed down the toilet grows to a gigantic size in the city sewers whilst feeding on its residents. The special effects are quite dated now but that’s part of Alligator’s charm. A sequel was filmed 11 years later but with diminishing returns.

Black Water (2005)

This tale was based on the true story of a crocodile attack in 2003, where a group of tourist are trapped in the swamps of Northern Australia and hunted by a croc.

Filled with plenty of suspenseful scenes and some realistic crocodile effects this is a seriously underrated film that slipped under the radar on initial release.

Rogue (2007)

Starring Sam Worthington in his pre-Avatar days, this is another croc thriller from the Director of Wolf Creek, Greg McLean.

This is another survival horror where tourists are attacked by a gigantic saltwater crocodile and forced to go to desperate lengths to survive. The film was allegedly based on the story of a crocodile called Sweetheart from the 1970’s, although it’s claimed the croc never actually killed anyone.

So here’s some snappy picks to sink your teeth into, and if you want more check out the trailer for Alexandre Aja’s Crawl below, which is set for release in July.

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