Pet Sematary review

The age old argument raged whether Pet Sematary really need a reboot, given the critical lauding Mary Lambert’s 1989 received.

Thirty years later one of Stephen King’s finer and maybe bleakest tales is given a facelift and for the most part it feels justified.

Pet Sematary ’19 shines due to some changes to the source material and its excellent cast. Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz have excellent on-screen chemistry and when tragedy does strike you really feel like you’re there with them.

Jete Laurence is the real star here as Ellie, their young daughter who bonds with family cat Church and even when things get increasingly bleak, it doesn’t appear hammy at all.

John Lithgow is a reliable bit part player as Jud the neighbour with a few skeletons in the closet.

This story ultimately is about dealing with grief, whether it’s the loss of your first pet or even, god forbid, your own child.

Pet Sematary has the cast but it’s also blessed with some beauitful cinematography. Lately we are seeing some beautifully filmed horror from parts of David Gordon Green’s Halloween to Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge and ‘Pet’ will certainly join this list.

From the Pet Sematary itself to the ‘other’ place, the attention to detail is a sight to behold.

Many felt that the changes to King’s novel that were revealed in what felt like a spoiler filled trailer would ruin the film but although a couple of moments are tainted and would have been best experienced fresh in the cinema; the changes are justified and help the film shift a gear in its final act.

As I mentioned this is quite bleak material but Directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer really go the jugular to the point where the final scene will send a chill down your spine; perfect horror night out right?

Pet Sematary is available to Download & Keep 29th July and on Blu-ray and DVD 12th August.


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