Shed of the Dead review

By David Dent

It’s a zombie apocalypse set on an allotment. Wait, come back! Shed of the Dead is actually rather good.
Temporarily unemployed Trevor (Spencer Brown) spends his long days avoiding his uber critical wife Bobbi, brewing powerful hooch and playing fantasy wargames in his allotment shed. He’s accompanied by his agoraphobic mate Graham (Ewen McIntosh, forever doomed to be ‘Keith’ from The Office) for whom he also takes candid snapshots of Bobbi’s best friend Harriet (Emily Booth), whom Graham is crazy about.

Challenged by allotment busybody Mr Parsons (Kane Hodder unbelievably in sitcom mode) to clean up his pitch or face eviction, an argument ensues, and when Mr P has a fatal rake accident – Trevor unwisely choosing to chop up the body rather than report it to the authorities for fear of being accused of murder – the now legless curmudgeon comes back to life, intent on Trevor’s brains.

For there is indeed a zombie apocalypse and the allotment gardeners are among the first to be taken over. Can Trevor make it up with his wife, save Harriet and Graham from the bite of the zombies and battle the undead? Well of course first he has to acknowledge what’s going on – Shed of the Dead borrows more than (most of) the title from Shaun of the Dead, with Trevor doing the whole Simon Pegg oblivious-to-what’s-going-on shtick, mooching around the allotment while the city tower blocks behind him burn and helicopters circle.

Shed of the Dead is all over the place; it’s very scattergun, some of the jokes go on way too long, but some are absolutely on the money. The cast are all totally up for it – the sight of Emily Booth in S&M gear riding Michael Berryman (yes that Michael Berryman) in a gimp mask is worth the price of a rental alone. Add in Brian Blessed’s sonorous narration and some funny Billy Liaresque scenes where Trevor morphs into his fantasy war gaming alter ego Casimir the Destroyer, and you have inspired if wayward horror comedy which is well worth a watch.

Special guests from the cast, Spencer Brown, Emily Booth, Lauren Socha and Ewen MacIntosh will be attending the Q&A at SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival on 18th May.

Shed of the Dead will also be available on Digital Download from 20th May

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