The Summer Is Ended And We Are Not Yet Saved by Joey Comeau review

Slasher novels are generally trickier to pull off due to some of the rug pulls and mystery not translating well to page sometimes.

Having said this, there are no such plot devices used in this bland tale of a boy who goes to bible camp for the summer whilst his mother works as a special effects person on a movie.

The main takeaway here is that everything feels very rushed and we never get to know any of the characters, including our protagonist and antagonists.

At times it is brutal and violent but the gore feels forced as a way to mask massive plot holes.

There is zero exposition for our killer’s actions here and I know there is a balancing act between saying too much and not enough but ‘The Summer….’ just feels lazy and expects us to fill in the blanks which by the close of the book are so gaping you couldn’t care less about.

A slasher novel to avoid.

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