Why Jordan Peele Might Not be the Saviour of Horror

It seems like every social media feed we go on now that Director Jordan Peele is being lauded as the new fresh voice horror needs.

With the award winning Get Out and the critically and soon to be, it seems box office success of new movie US, Peele looks set to be crowned by critics as a ‘saviour’ of horror.

But here’s the thing; horror doesn’t need saving.

Anyone who has been watching horror films for the past decade at least knows that the genre is producing some extremely talented Directors and movies, with many going unnoticed for many reasons. Perhaps they weren’t marketed right, not a fit for mainstream audiences or they just didn’t connect to a mass audience.

Admittedly Peele’s success should be applauded as he came from a comedy background but has now created two very different types of films, both with some fresh to say. The fact he is using african american characters may seem progressive to some but unless you look at it in black and white terms, it’s just having the right actors/actresses fit the story.

As Peele has stated when making US, it’s not about race, whereas Get Out was aimed at exposing a certain type of racial stereotype aka the racist conservative Americans who may have helped get Trump elected (sorry for getting political) his upcoming pieces are trying to use different stories that don’t thrust race into the centre of the piece.

His next projects are both reboots of sorts of well known franchises in The Twilight Zone and Candyman and without sending negative; if both were to bomb then Peele would be on the Hollywood scrap heap quicker than you could say Candyman five times. That’s the sad reality of the business, but hey let’s hope he smashes both and continues his success because his success only means more plaudits for our criminally underrated genre.

Anyways I digress, over the past couple of years alone we have had independent efforts like The Void, One Cut of the Dead, Revenge and more high profile efforts such as Hounds of Love and Mandy that may not have cut through to booming mainstream success but boy were they well made. Now I know film can be subjective and we all like what we like but before crowning one man a saviour or master of horror we should realise all the great films our genre is making right now that simply just need to be seen.

This is why we have more horror film festivals than I could possibly list happening every year showing films that wouldn’t get a look in anywhere else.

So whilst champagne should be on tap for Jordan Peele, it’s fair to say there’s plenty of filmmakers who deserve their spot at the table too.

Agree? Disagree let us know in the comments.

One comment

  1. I agree. The genre does not need any saving.

    Movies like The Void and Baskin make it clear that it’s still pumping out great ones. It might not be an “age” like the golden 30s, silver 50s and 60s or bronze 80s style but there are always good films being made.


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