Book of Monsters review

With a mix of teen angst and creative beasts that recall the golden age of Cronenberg, Book of Monsters is a heartwarming and sometimes hilarious look at the monster sub-genre.

We focus on Sophie as she prepares for her 18th birthday, with her friends planning a house party, not knowing that monsters straight out of fairy tales are set to be unleashed too.

The fun of Book of Monsters comes from the bloodbath it puts on show, which dominates over the plot which sometimes flounders.

The duo of Lyndsey Craine’s Sophie and Michaela Longden’s Mona are the real heartbeat of the film as they battle the monsters together.

You can tell that the creative team and Director Stewart Sparke are big fans of classic monster movies with some fantastic creations that jump between looking terrifying to sometimes a bit goofy.

Book of Monsters feels like a homage to 80’s horror comedies such as Critters and Ghoulies, with the pitch centred around fun over tacky jump scares.

The pacing is quite rapid, clocking in just over 80 minutes, which will keep you interested right through. We don’t mess about with too much exposition before the blood starts to fly and the film feels better for it.

Book of Monsters is available now in the US and set for release in the UK later this year.

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