Where can Terrifier 2 go?

With a mix of grindhouse style and slasher tropes, Damien Leone’s Terrifier has kept horror fans talking since its release in 2017.

David Howard Thornton’s performance as the twisted Art the Clown has taken on notoriety with genre fans and become great cosplay for convention goers.

Leone said in the making of Terrifier that he studied ancient methods of torture and death for some of the kill scenes – well you know which one I’m talking about without going into detail.

The big question I have is – where does this series go next?

One of the reasons I liked Terrifier was because it was very much an enclosed story, taking place across just a couple of locations. Leone was working with a limited budget but got the most out of his cast and most importantly his villain.

Art the Clown had previously appeared in the All Hallows Eve series and a short previous to that but this was his opportunity to break out and become a villain in his own right. Plus let’s face it, he’s the one thing we all remember when watching All Hallow’s Eve all them years ago.

The sequel dilemma is – does Leone go big and put Art in a wider environment or go for a more continuing story ala Halloween II (1981) or just some other enclosed tale – a good dilemma.

With the first draft of the script completed, news will hopefully be flooding our newsfeed over the next few months as the film nears pre-production stage.

Thornton is a must to return, having emersed himself in the twisted and somewhat mysterious personality of Art but other than that Leone has a clean slate to introduce more likeable cannon fodder.

But where would you like to see Terrifier 2 go? Let us know in the comments.

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