How Peter Jackson could have changed the Nightmare on Elm Street series

With The Dream Child turning 30 this year, we are going to look back on what could have been it’s sequel, penned by one Peter Jackson!

The Dream Child was a failure at the box office and following this New Line Cinema decided to end the series with one more film.

This would become the lacklustre Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, but Jackson’s treatment entitled The Dream Lover took Freddy in another direction.

Latching onto the fading appeal of Freddy, The Dream Lover made him a joke who was beaten down regularly by teenagers of Springwood for sport, flipping the dynamic to make him sympathetic.

During the story Krueger regains his strength via one kill and goes back on the bloody dream rampage.

This idea was employed in future sequel crossover Freddy Vs Jason, with Krueger using Jason Voorhees to spread fear on Elm Street so he could resume his killing spree.

Jackson was breaking onto the scene in Hollywood with the cult success of Bad Taste and Braindead, showing a flair for horror and practical effects.

New Line eventually went with a script from Rachel Talalay and Michael De Luca, which used 3D and also featured a PR funeral stunt to promote the film.

Ultimately things worked out for Jackson as he shot into the big time with New Line’s Lord of the Rings series.

With the Halloween franchise being resurrected last year with a record box office numbers, would you like to see an original sequel to Elm Street in the near future? Let us know in the comments

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