Last Call by Sean Costello review

Breaking new ground in the serial killer genre is a sizeable task in itself but independent author Sean Costello gives it a good shot with Last Call.

With two intertwined stories Costello combines a tale of addiction and attempted redemption with pure sadism.

Safe to say this story isn’t for the squeamish as it’s killer revels in removing the victims teeth as well as feeding them to his dogs.

The aim is clearly to be repulsed by this killer, which is something Costello achieves early on, so as the story unfolds you hope he is taken down.

On the flip side we have Trish an ambitious young lady who crossed paths with a serial killer. Her role is quite throwaway to begin with but as the plot darkens she comes to the fore.

Last Call has the shocking violence of a Thomas Harris novel but lacks the psychological side of the story to make it truly compelling.

Costello has certainly done extensive research on the subject as his chapters are concise and dialogue is realistic and not too over the top, making the plot more believable.

A short read at just over 250 pages, Last Call will delight true crime and procedural fans, and once you except the level of violence it makes for an intriguing tale.

Last Call is available now on Amazon Kindle.

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