Redcon-1 review

It’s very easy to make the argument that the zombie genre has been done to death, but then comes along Redcon-1.

Chee Keong Cheung’s feature uses the outbreak as a plot strand which takes a backseat to a more action focussed thriller with some martial arts thrown in to boot.

A group of ragtag military are sent into a deadly zone to retrieve a doctor who may have a cure for the virus.

It’s a very interesting dynamic as the zombies they battle are smarter than your average brain chewer, as Cheung gives them pathos and more like infected feral animals who begin to create factions.

Add to this groups of renegades who want to take down everyone and you have quite a chaotic plot. The soldiers are that volatile that they fight amongst themselves as much as with zombies.

The tricky thing is that this gives us only a handful of characters to centralise, and with this sort of film it’s good advice not to get too attached.

The action sequences and the practical effects are truly excellent and make up for the odd plothole and cheesy dialogue.

You have to give the team behind the film credit for opening up the genre to new ideas and although Redcon-1 is slightly bloated at around 2 hours, it’s a fun ride that shows a very human element behind the chaos.

Redcon-1 is released on DVD, Blu Ray on 25th February.

Read our interview with Director Chee Keong Cheung HERE

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