You Might Be the Killer review

Taking meta horror to new levels, You Might Be the Killer plays with those tried and tested tropes of the slasher film and has some fun with them.

The story focusses on Head Camp Counsellor Sam reciting a night from hell over the phone to friend Chuck (Allyson Hannigan).

When it becomes plausible that Sam might actually be the killer of this story the fun really starts.

This is as much comedy as horror but it’s clear done by someone who has seen a summer camp slasher or ten.

Chuck working in a video store allows for plenty of horror references and in jokes which will please genre fans.

You may feel at times you have this film figured out but then it throws you a curve ball.

Very much on the same level as Final Girls, You Might Be the Killer is loaded with slasher commentary and gory kills coupled with a devilish sense of humour only fans of the genre will understand and truly appreciate.

You Might Be the Killer is now streaming on Shudder UK


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