Nightshooters review

By David Dent

The sweariest film I’ve seen for quite some time, Nightshooters is high on action, low on plot, and big on martial arts thrills. Marshall is an embittered director, shooting a cheap zombie flick without a permit in an abandoned and soon to be demolished office block. His ‘star’ is washed up drunk Harper, and his inept crew of malcontents just want to get the job done.

But they’re in for a longer night than expected when they witness a real crime in the next office block. Gang leader Tarker has just shot a girl and set fire to someone who has crossed him. The film crew witness the whole scene which makes them expendable, and Tarker and his motley gang give chase – our filmmakers must fight for their lives.

Marc Colin Price’s latest movie is a low budget action thriller enlivened by some sharp comedy and stunning fight sequences, with chop socky moves courtesy of film crew member and martial arts practitioner Donnie, Harper’s stunt double.

Adam McNab is excellent as Marshall; his world weariness and systematic bullying of his crew is painfully funny, and Richard Sandling does his best Nick Frost impersonation as threatening gangland leader Tarker. But the guy who keeps the action going is Jean-Paul Ly as Donnie; a stunt man who was heavily involved with choreographing the movie’s fight sequences, he’s no great shakes as an actor but he’s a kinetic powerhouse when up against the bad guys, helped by Price’s tight direction and some fluid photography by Tom Barker.

Nightshooters is a lively and, once the action kicks off, pretty relentless 90 minutes, leading to the inevitably explosive conclusion. A triumph of creativity on a limited budget, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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