Volumes of Blood Vol. 3 announces new cast members

The producers of indie horror anthology Volumes of Blood 3 are excited to welcome Emmy Award winning actor Bill Oberst Jr. to the production of Devil’s Knight.

He’ll be portraying an eccentric character in the werewolf sequence “Feastivites”. Oberst has over 182 film and television credits to his name including Circus of the Dead, Scream Queens, True Blood, The Dooms Chapel Horror and Rob Zombie’s forthcoming 3 From Hell.

An accomplished actor, writer and director; Bill Oberst Jr. marks the first named actor to be attached to the Volumes of Blood franchise.

We’re also very pleased to announce Tamara Glynn has joined the film as an Executive Producer. Glynn’s film and television credits include Growing Pains, Miami Vice, Nightmare on Elm Street (the series), Halloween 5 and more.

Three decades and counting, she continues an active career in front of and behind the camera as well as serving as Co-Founder and Hostess of the Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival.

Tamara is also a fan favorite on the International Convention Circuit representing her character, Samantha Thomas from Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.

On the morning of Halloween several strangers are arrested for their involvement in multiple atrocities across the city of Owensboro. As each is interrogated by police the horrifying reality of their stories unfold revealing werewolves, killer children, revenge, retribution and the bloody truth about a relentless serial killer who will stop at nothing to make sure he finishes what he started on Devil’s Night.

Currently the production is searching for and securing directors as well as looking for financing.

A crowdfunding campaign is currently underway. It features an Exclusive Poster created by artist Michael Broom (The Walking Dead, American Horror Story), and you can help support our project by visiting their Indie GoGo page.

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