Catfight review


To say that Catfight is a bruising film would be an understatement.

It does what it says on the tin though and is really an exploration of the human mind and how we treat people because of our circumstances.

We focus on Ashley and Veronica, two former college friends who have gone down very different paths in life leading to in one case superficial happiness whereas the other is miserable and desperate for a break.

This boils over into said catfight, which becomes a rolling theme throughout as characters’ fates are flipped on their head.

Unfortunately there is so much deja vu it feels like if the film was longer the same scenarios would keep on playing out in different locations but with the same results.

The dialogue is razor sharp and leads Anne Heche and Sandra Oh really bring their A-game but the story becomes repetitive and predictable by the midpoint.

Once you get over the sheer brutality of the fights between the two, Catfight, although still very watchable becomes disposable soon after.


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