Salt (short film) review

Salt short film

By David Dent

This astonishing short film, running at less than two minutes and released just in time for Halloween, just BEGS to be turned into a feature.

A mum (Alice Lowe) wakes up next to her daughter (Beau Gadson), who is having difficulty breathing. She runs downstairs to get the child’s medication, but not before a strange insect like demon makes to attack her. Drawing a circle around herself with a dispenser of salt, she makes herself safe from the creature’s advances as it’s unable to enter the circle.

But her daughter’s condition has worsened and mum needs to get her to hospital. Can she outwit the beast and make it to the car outside?

I haven’t been blown away by a short film for a long time. This is pulse pounding stuff from director Rob Savage, who made the excellent BIFA award winning short Dawn of the Deaf back in 2014 and the astonishing Absence, starring Paul McGann, a year later.

All of his films are full of small details which serve as shorthand to give the viewer a much richer watching experience. Savage knows what he’s doing behind a camera working on micro budgets, and he was wise to reuse the DotD team on this – they really make the short film format work for them.

Watch Salt below –

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