Celluloid Screams – Saturday short film showcase

As well as a wonderful selection of features at this year’s Celluloid Screams film festival in Sheffield, we got some short treats too.

Here’s our verdicts –


Putting an interesting spin on the problem child narrative, Hana tells the story of a young girl who can’t seem to nail down a good babysitter.

Although the twist is quite easy to suss this was entertaining none the less.

Mystery Box

From the Directors of Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich comes Mystery Box which is an exercise in suspense before cutting loose.

A young woman discovers a box whilst trauling her fishing nets but what she finds could have deadly and mythical consequences.

The Day My Mother Became a Monster

I was quite surprised by this one as what starts as a basic body horror becomes something quite compelling and endearing.

After a veterinarian mother contracts a virus her transformation to a beast begins but how will her young daughter react?

At times horrific but very well made.

Sock Monster

A journey in PTSD this monster short stars Derek Meats, who once donned Jason’s hockey mask.

We follow a young mother having flashbacks to an incident involving her daughter which is eluded to but never explained fully; which works well as it drives the narrative.

And what could have become hokey comes across as slightly scary; a fun short.


An interesting spin on the vampire mythology as we’re put in the shoes of a family of vampires on the run.

Seen as parasites we see them more as exploited victims than beasts. Tick crams tonnes of exposition in a short run time.

Beautifully shot and at times brutal.

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