Face of Evil review

By David Dent

Jay is a soldier returning from what has clearly been a very traumatic tour of duty. His friends throw him a welcome home party – it’s the 4th July and when a just very willing old girlfriend is about to show him a good time she puked up on him and turns into a demon, biting and infecting all of his friends.c

It’s only after he escapes the house and inexplicably runs into his old platoon sergeant – not before he infects a gas station attendant – that he’s informed of the reason for the outbreak.

Apparently while at war both Jay and Sarge were injected with a man made virus which they are impervious, but which instantly infects others on contact.

The two ex-servicemen plan to visit the doctor that injected them in the first place, but making the journey proved more difficult than expected. But if you’ve seen a few genre movies like this it won’t be a surprise if I tell you that we may not entirely be able to trust what we’re seeing on screen.

This is Vita Dinatolo’s first feature and he’s pretty much a one man band on this; it kind of shows. The subject matter (PTSD and it’s impact) will of necessity make the storytelling a bit choppy and there’s no denying his commitment to the cause but Face of Evil is rather all over the place and can’t decide what kind of film it wants to be.

As Jay, Scott Baxter has to carry the movie. His blank face is very much that of someone facing major trauma, but it doesn’t give the audience much of an ‘in’ to what’s happening.

A well intentioned but rather dull movie that’s not sure exactly what it wants to say.

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