Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween review

For those who have been following it, the anticipated sequel has led an interesting developmental history.

Originally pitched as a movie adaptation of the Horrorland series, the follow up to the 2015 hit became an original tale; Haunted Halloween.

With a brand new cast back in R.L Stine’s hometown the evil doll Slappy begins a reign of terror aiming to create an everlasting Halloween with some new and well known faces.

Much like the original this is very much the kitchen sink approach from Director Ari Landel, but admittedly there is that little bit of magic missing.

It felt like the kid characters here were fleshed out just enough to care about and the rest is all spectacle. Having said this it’s certainly a feast for young eyes with pumpkin people, witches and giant spiders dominating the night sky.

It’s good clean fun but it does sorely miss Dylan Minnette and Jack Black’s presences in the leads, although Black’s Slappy goes into Chucky territory ever so slightly with a host of child friendly quips.

So if you’re looking for a Halloween horror to take the entire family, Goosebumps could be the perfect anti-Michael Myers movie for the season.


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