Mayhem Film Festival Saturday Features reviews

One cut of the dead

We were lucky enough to attend Nottingham’s Mayhem Film Festival over the weekend, here’s a roundup of some of the features on offer –

One Cut of the Dead

This was definitely an ode to the dedication of horror filmmakers everywhere.

Although largely played for laughs this is an endearing tale of a group of filmmakers trying to create a zombie series in one single take.

There’s a twist in the tail which we won’t spoil but guaranteed once this has finished you will be grinning from ear to ear.

The feel good film of the year? Quite possibly.


Prospect feels like a missed opportunity as it presents big ideas but doesn’t fully realise even a fraction of them.

Centering on a father and daughter team of scavengers in space; we areplunged into an different dynamic when the father is killed on a hunt and the daughter is forced to join forces with a mysterious space cowboy who is deemed the lesser of two evil’s.

The real thing that lets this one down is the pacing as even as we get to the finale and stakes are raised it feels like were still going at a pedestrian pace.

Sadly a prospect not worthing checking out.

Number 37

Riffing on Hitchcock’s Rear Window, this South African crime thriller tells the story of Randal, a recently crippled gangster who in the desperate search for a better life goes to extreme measures to change his circumstances.

We really get into the underbelly of streets of Cape Town where as one character states; ‘gangsters deal in blood’.

Number 37 and its characters exist very much in the grey area between linear good and evil and this only makes them even more endearing.

Randal’s journey is nothing short of compelling and brutal when it needs to be (some parts will make you wince).

Compelling stuff.

Look out for our shorts roundup from Mayhem Film Festival coming soon.


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