Terrified review

Terrified movie.jpg

Just to confirm this isn’t a sequel to killer clown slasher Terrifier; Demian Rugna’s nightmarish horror is a beast all on its own.

What’s interesting about the film is the sheer pace it is able to maintain throughout, ensuring it really does live up to its title.

We focus on a small neighbourhood in Bueno Aires where a number of paranormal incidents have taken place; leaving a specialist doctor her colleague and a former police officer to investigate.

There is also a variety of scares here which will hit chords with fans of Pet Sematary as well as some monsters that could be right out of Can Evrenol’s Baskin.

We get a real mix of chilling scares as well as some really striking visuals which will engrain themselves in your brains long after the the film is over.

It blurs the lines of reality and fantasy; the best way to look at this is a waking nightmare.

Terrified is that rare occasion where a bold film title lives up to its name, and then some.

Up there with Satan’s Slaves and Revenge as one of the best and original horror films of the year so far.


Terrified is now available to view on Shudder.

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