Mayhem Film Festival shorts showcase review


The Mayhem Film Festival started its life many moons ago as a short film festival and has since evolved into one of the UK’s most well known full festivals showcasing the best in horror and cult cinema.

We got the chance to see their short film showcase as part of the Saturday programme, here’s our verdicts.

Dick and Stewart: I Spy with my Little Eye

This animation plays on very dark humour and follows the lives of Dick and his friend’s eye Stewart as they are pursued by a mysterious man.

Although initially a promising and creepy premise it does lose some of its sting once its political slants are uncovered.

Look out for this as it’s being adapted into a full series.


Short and sweet Owen Tooth’s Hunted follows a couple of the run from unknown beasts in the middle of nowhere.

It’s brutal and doesn’t need much exposition, Hunted was exactly what it said on the tin.

The Blue Door

This short from Paul Taylor built up nicely as a young nurse (played by Game of Thrones’ Gemma Whelan) visits a terminally ill woman, but notices strange things in the house as well as rumbling beyond a blue door.

This offers a chilling conclusion and also a fresh spin on supernatural horror.


Very rarely do we get a great depiction of what it’s like to be a vampire but Tick manages to give us some fresh blood.

We see things through the eyes of a young vampire as her family are hunted by mercenaries. What’s also quite fun here is being on the side of what is usually the beast of the story but showcasing the man as the real creatures.

Safe to say with a vampire tale there’s also plenty of blood on offer. Recommended.


Giving a fresh and modern spin on Edgar Allan Poe’s Heartless just shows how much a person will do for a promotion.

This is the Telltale Heart with 21st century office politics, offering some riveting performances and excellent practical effects.

A faithful and fun adaptation.


This ultra short takes place in a family home which has been possessed by a demon, just make sure you stay within the rock salt circles.

Basically one big chase scene which makes for some intense sequences when wind and rain can break the circles at anytime.


This animated short was extremely trippy and offered some perspective on grief and revenge as we follow a coyote who’s family were murdered by wolves.

A bold vision that doesn’t always follow narrative structure but you get the feeling that was the plan all along.

Like an episode of Itchy and Scratchy on acid.

And the Baby Screamed

We all know or know someone who has suffered from sleep deprivation when a new arrival comes into the home.

This short offers some creepy answers to the amount of times a baby will wake you up in the night.

Surely this sent a shiver down every young parents spine.


There really aren’t enough great mermaid horror tales but safe to say Ulises is one of them.

Receiving its European premiere, it offers a very different view of the fantasy beasts that are usually cute and cuddly. Here they are deadly creatures that lure men to their deaths but some are prepared.

Although a dark tale Ulises has a wicked sense of humour which makes this a fun watch.


Be careful what you wish for in this Irish short which shows hunter could become the hunted.

A nice flip reversal of roles, Catcalls gives a curb crawler a date he really could have done without.

This one has a sting in its tail.

Crying Bitch

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned indeed especially the wife of a serial cheater.

This feels like a public service message about committing adultery, very inventive and slightly bonkers.

Crying Bitch is a bone cruncher that should deter any cheaters any time soon.


Everything is not as it seems as a young boy goes to get a glass of milk from the fridge and sees his mother in the living room.

Much to his surprise his mother then starts calling his name from upstairs. Offering fair degree of tension Milk also conjures up a very memorable and hideous monster.

We Summoned a Demon


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