Incident in a Ghostland review


Pascal Laugier is well known to horror fans for the cult favourite Martyrs (which has since endured a torrid remake), but does Incident in a Ghostland live up to those lofty standards?

Well firstly this is very much a different kind of beast, as we open with the brutal attack of a young family (mother and two daughters). Fast forward a few years and older daughter Elizabeth has taken her trauma to print, penning a best selling novel called….you guessed it – Incident in a Ghostland.

After an eerie phone call from her sister, Elizabeth returns to the home where this trauma occured all these years later.

Ghostland does take its time to unravel its story but once Laugier lets the brakes off, this follows a rapid pace that only gets more and more brutal.

The levels of violence are sometimes hard to watch and will certainly have you wincing a time or two.

The violence coupled with the spooky mood throughout makes this a really well shot horror and offers plenty of fresh ideas to what seems at first quite a simple story.

Incident in a Ghostland is certainly one of the finest horrors of 2018 so far.


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