The Witch in the Window review


It may feel with a title like that, that Andy Mitton’s The Witch in the Window would be a fairly straight forward horror.

In the midst of family based horror, Witch…. offers us a dsyfunctional father and son dynamic who team up to flip a house; not knowing the terrors that lurk within.

From the very get-go Mitton is keen to impose on the audience the isolation and mood of this film. Safet to say any scream for help won’t be heard for miles.

But what of the titular ‘Witch’ Lydia, does she stand up to previous evil hags, well yes and no.

On the one side when in action she poses a quite intimidating figure but her lack of backstory could either make her more scary or slightly unfinished; the choice is yours.

Surprisingly it’s not the witch were here for though as the relationship between the father son feels like a milder version of The Babadook; and becomes the real heartbeat of the film.

There are some incredibly tense scenes throughout but it feels the jump scares peppered in are all earnt without feeling tacked on.

The Witch in the Window is short, sharp horror with a few spells up its sleeves making it a compelling watch.

The Witch in the Window will be available on Shudder on 18th October


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