Five essentials at Celluloid Screams Film Festival 2018

Celluloid Screams.jpg

The premiere Yorkshire horror film festival Celluloid Screams is back on 18th October with plenty of treats for horror fans.

Here’s five essentials screening across the festival you need to see –


Halloween (2018)

Michael Myers is back after 40 years to once again terrorise Laurie Strode and the town of Haddonfield in David Gordon Green’s direct sequel to John Carpenter’s classic.

This screens on the opening night of the festival at midnight and is sure to start things off in bloody style.

Read our review of Halloween (2018) HERE



Another movie screening opening night is Nicholas Cage’s latest venture into extreme horror, Mandy.

Visually stunning and just crazy, Mandy is a film that needs to be seen on the big screen.

Mandy screens on Thursday at Celluloid Screams, read our review of Mandy HERE


Wolfman’s Got Nards

This eagerly anticipated documentary chronicles 30 years of cult family horror the Monster Squad.

An extra treat will be a Q&A with original star and director of the documentary Andre Gower and producer Henry McComas.

Wolfman’s Got Nards screens on the Saturday programme at 3pm.


Summer of ’84

Nostalgia reigns high in Summer of ’84, which comes from the makers of the delightful Turbo Kid.

Once you get past some obvious 80’s cliches there’s plenty to enjoy until the finale which can only be described as gut wrenchingly brutal.

Summer of ’84 screens on Sunday at Celluloid Screams, read our review HERE


Nightmare Cinema

Five strangers converge at a haunted movie theater owned by The Projectionist (Mickey Rourke). Once inside, the audience members witness a series of screenings that shows them their deepest fears and darkest secrets over five tales.

This unique anthology brings together horror alumni directors Joe Dante, Mick Garris and David Slade alongside fresh blood in Alejandre Brugues (ABC’s of Death 2) and Ryuhei Kitamura (The Midnight Meat Train); what’s not to like?

Nightmare Cinema screens on Friday at Celluloid Screams.

Check out the full schedule for Celluloid Screams 2018 and get your tickets HERE

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