Summer of 84 review

I’ll level with you, it’s nearly 24 hours later and I can’t stop thinking about Summer of 84.

This wasn’t meant to be this way, I was expecting a Goonies meets Stranger Things throwaway affair. How wrong I was.

Admittedly things do start off on familiar ground with some shameless and in your face references just in case you weren’t aware which decade you were in.

Four friends have a summer they will never forget when they suspect their neighbour, who is also a cop, to be a serial killer.

I know you’re now thinking Shia Laboeuf vehicle Disturbia, but once Summer… hits it’s stride it blows that out of the water.

As things get darker the tension levels are ratcheted up a few notches so when you get the finale (which goes off the deep end) it will have the more anxious amongst us as nervous wrecks.

As with the 80s film it immitates Summer… has a very likeable cast with the standout being Rich Sommer as Officer Mackey, who may or may not have a dark secret.

Summer of 84 takes time to get going but once that BMX is flying down suburbia into the darkness it never stops being a thrill ride for nostalgists.


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