Daniel McKee talks indie horror The House of Violent Desire

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Psychosexual independent horror feature The House of Violent Desire has just been released on Amazon in the US.

We caught up with star Daniel McKee, who shared his thoughts on the film.

Tell us about how you got involved with House of Violent Desire?

The job was found via Casting Call Pro; from hearing the description I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Then after a series of auditions and self tapes I was buzzing to know that I was cast as Adriel Whipley.

What can you tell us about your character Adriel Whipley?

Adriel Whipley, is a timid character, he holds a lot of innocence. Having been kept away from the outside world, he is ignorant to the way of people and their motives. This then leads to his innocent nature being taken advantage of. I see him like a curious rabbit; wary but intrigued, he is led by his emotions which guides him into a spiral of some not so pleasant situations. He is a gentle soul, with a kind heart, and has a close relationship with his two sisters.

Do you enjoy the fact the film is a period piece blended with some pretty twisted imagery?

I do, very much. I find by it being period it creates a false sense of security for the viewer as the period setting creates a sense of nostalgia, which then makes for the more gory scenes to come as a shock as it juxtaposes the energy of the film which keeps the audience tense and waiting for the next surprise.

It’s been described as a psychosexual thriller, would you go along with this?

I can see how certain elements of the film can indeed be seen as psychosexual, which truly adds to the horror in this film. I also feel the film in regards to Adriels character and in fact all of the Whipley children is a coming of age story, only these kids have some more unpleasant experiences than others! We see them discovering more about the world and about themselves when a visitor comes to the house and disrupts their controlled reality.

Are you a fan of horror films?

I have always had a certain amount of interest in horror, but sense working on THOVD my interest in it has grown. I like the sense of adrenaline and suspense it creates and how they have the ability to transpose you into another reality while remaining safe in the comfort of your own home. Traditional horror such as American Psycho is one of my favourites; I am currently watching American Horror Story, the series, which I just can’t get enough of!

Tell us about a typical day on set for you?

A normal day on set consisted of ensuring we had enough layers on under our costume, as the chateau we were filming in got very cold. Then once we were all sufficiently cosy, the day would consist of bursts of laughter and ensuring everyone was having a good time on set.

Before each scene I would give myself time to get into character, I would walk around the chateau and place my character in the time period and scenario that he was in. Then I would be ready to live out Adriel’s reality. A normal day would end with a recap of the day’s events and a glass (or three) of red wine.

Set was always a joy to be on, everyone fed of each other’s energy and as the project grew so did the friendships.

The House of Violent Desire is available on Amazon Prime HERE

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