There’s Someone Inside Your House review

Stephanie Perkins knows how to create unbearable tension.

Whilst reading through the first few pages of There’s Someone… you know as the reader what is coming but alas for the victims they haven’t a scooby.

A killer is in the loose in a small town high school with no obvious pattern.

We are put in the shoes of afro Carribbean teen Makani, who is an intriguing choice as our ‘final girl’ with an element of mystery to her.

Perkins really focusses on the development of Makani and her small group of friends.

There’s Someone… has some excellent set pieces although admittedly it does unravel slightly during its bloodsoaked finale.

Even better news for fans of this story is that it’s being adapted into a series by Netflix (which feels like a perfect home alongside Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why).

There’s Someone in Your House is a slick, modern teen slasher, with heart but an undeniable dark side.


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