Halloween: The Babysitter Murders review

For the experts among Halloween fans, they will know that one of the working titles for the film was the Babysitter Murders.

As well as this was the alternative choice of mask, a sad clown mask.

So Director Jack Norman introduces both concepts but what transpires is quite uneven.

In terms of tone, this short flips between Carpenter’s version and the Rob Zombie remake; with a host of blatant Easter eggs thrown into the mix.

This is very much a kitchen sink approach as the narrative fails to flow between the scenes which don’t blend to form a cohesive plot.

Babysitter Murders does offer some interesting visuals and the clown mask is downright creepy.

It would be intriguing to see an original story with this mask.

Halloween: The Babysitter Murders is now available to watch on YouTube.

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