The Spirit of Haddonfield review

With the season of Halloween just a couple of weeks away it seems only fair to indulge in some Michael Myers mayhem.

Step up Rene Rivas’ short fan film The Spirit of Haddonfield, a slick production which attempts to bottle neck the evil of the Shape.

What’s quite refreshing about this short is the fact we have enough exposition to get by, without bogging down the story.

This is what could be classed as a final chase scene, it keeps it simple and feeds of its every town Americana vibe.

The cinematography here is truly gorgeous and captures, for lack of a better phrase, the spirit of Halloween.

Vincente Di Santi’s take on the Shape nails some of his signature moves without us screaming it’s the second coming of Nick Castle’s performance from 1978.

Rivas has also done his homework too, with some blink and you’ll miss it Easter eggs for eager eyed Halloween fans.

The Spirit of Haddonfield is an enjoyable ride and certainly a perfect appetiser before the main course on 19th October.

The Spirit of Haddonfield is released online on 1st October.


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