American Horror Story: Apocalypse episode 1 review

It feels like American Horror Story really got its groove back with last year’s Cult.

One of the biggest criticisms of Ryan Murphy’s series has been it’s occasional narrative lapses, the awful Hotel aside.

So now we come to Apocalypse, the long muted crossover between the Murder House and Coven seasons.

What’s apparent from this opener, is that the crossover will only form a part of this series.

We begin with the end of the world, with nuclear blasts across the globe and a small selection of ‘elites’ spared to live out their days in an underground bunker safe from the contaminated lands above.

Familiar faces such as Cathy Bates, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are back again with a host of fresh faces joining the impending carnage.

There is quite a lot of exposition here but as always AHS looks stunning, really going heavy on visuals of the doomed earth.

The closing moments also tease a bigger threat to come too.

American Horror Story returns on Wednesdays on FX.

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