Boar review

It seems like the summer of the 2018 is set to be dominated by the monsters again as The Meg chomps over $300 million out of the box office and fans of that movie will delight with the release of Boar.

This Aussie horror pits a community against a gigantic boar in a nutshell, but it’s so much more than that, with flashes of Jaws and Tremors.

Of course we know as the audience what is causing all the carnage but it’s take the town a bit longer to process such a sizeable threat.

And much like Bruce and the graboids this threat can’t be reasoned with and is hungry for blood.

The strength of Boar is definitely in some excellent set pieces which flit between using CGI and practical effects to show off it’s monster.

There are some cheesy moments but Boar spends adequate time on characterization so when bit part players such as Wolf Creek’s John Jarrett are in danger we give a damn about them.

Without getting ahead of ourselves Boar definitely has franchise potential and with the woeful Sharknado series buried for now, here’s a more adept monster movie to enjoy.

Boar has it’s UK premiere at Arrow video Frightfest later this week.


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