Director talks Halloween fan film ‘The Face of Michael Myers’

As Halloween’s 40th anniversary celebrations loom on the autumn horizon we chat to the director Stephen Wolfe all about new fan film; Halloween: The Face of Michael Myers which is set for a crowdfunder this fall.

Tell us where the story for TFOMM comes from?

Without giving too much away, TFOMM is about the true nature of Michael Myers. We sort of explore what that unspeakable evil was inside Michael and how that same evil can manifest itself into others.

Does your story involved any characters from the original film?

It’s mostly a standalone story. The film begins right after the original movie ends and goes on its own path from there. I will say, though, there are a few mentions to the Dr. Loomis character.

How does it feel to be working on a Halloween film on the original’s 40th anniversary?

It’s a surreal feeling for sure. I grew up on horror movies and the original Halloween was a big part of that. I’ve been wanting to do a fan-film for awhile now and this being the 40th anniversary of the original film, I knew I had to take part in it.

What new element will your film bring to the franchise?

Our film is really focusing on the psychological horror of the character. I didn’t want to do another Michael stalking teens type of a thing. There’s other aspects of Michael Myers that haven’t really been explored and I felt going in this direction felt fresh and untouched for the most part. Plus, my writer, Mike McPherson is a big fan of psychological horror so this was right in his wheel house.

A crowdfunder launches in October, what perks can fans expect?

Our crowd funder will have TONS of great perks for the fans ranging from pins to shirts to screen used props. We wanted to offer a range of perks for the casual contributors and stuff for the more serious contributors who are looking to add to their Michael Myers collections.

What makes Michael Myers such an iconic character?

I think it’s the mystery of Michael Myers. The fact that a normal kid just went berserk one night and became something more than just a killer in a mask. He becomes this force of nature that lurks in the shadows, that could show up anywhere and in any place and kill you. That fear of not understanding something, the unknown, speaks to some of our most primitive fears as human beings.

Look out for Halloween: The Face of Michael Myers crowdfunder coming this October.

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