Maniac Farmer review


With some films it’s very easy to judge them by their covers and then you get totally thrown in another direction.

This is definitely the case with Matthew Williams’ Maniac Farmer, which by the title alone you would think would be quite schlocky and throwaway.

What is on offer though is quite a layered story which hits a morally grey area where you can almost  pick your side. Sure the aforementioned farmer isn’t the ideal person but neither is our perceived protagonist ‘Blasphemous Rex’.

In a nutshell a gang hellbent on offering blood to their cult get more than they bargained for when they pick on a local farmer.

Although there is some gore we focus more on the characters and there are some very chilling moments that let the images speak for themselves rather than using cheesy dialogue.

Not everything is explained with certain scenes left deliberately ambigious, which in turn only adds to the intrigue; there’s definitely more beneath the surface here.

There are winks and nods to slashers such as Madman but also much more sophisticated horror films such as Psycho.

Maniac Farmer is an assured throwback horror which certainly offers characters you want to see more of.



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