Another Wolfcop review


When Lowell Dean’s Wolfcop was unleashed four years ago it instantly became a cult favourite amongst horror fans.

So can lightning strike twice with sequel Another Wolfcop?

For the most part this is a rollicking good time with the real strength coming from the over top action sequences including a stand opening truck sequence and one involving a hockey team.

Although the humour isn’t as prevalent, Wolfcop is well aware of its slapstick nature, with one of the local supermarkets of Woodhaven even selling Wolfcop merchandise.

When Kevin Smith appears in a cameo you feel this could go into meta territory but luckily this is just a fleeting blip in an otherwise enjoyable ride.

Again the sequel takes it cues from the action films of the 1980’s as Wolfcop and his allies are pitted against a meglomaniac with deadly intentions.

There are also winks and nods to creature favourites such as Critters but although Another Wolfcop doesn’t take things onto a new level for the series it’s more than enough fun in its own right.

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