Ghost House review

Ghost House.jpg

We haven’t seen much of Scout Taylor-Compton in the genre since her turn in Rob Zombie’s polarising Halloween reboot and subsequent sequel.

Although her role as Laurie Strode may not have captured the imagination, she’s certainly one of the highlights of Ghost House; a horror with a mish-mash of ideas which it mostly pulls off.

A young couple take a trip to Thailand, but after befriending two similiarly aged men are taken to a local legend the ‘ghost house’ in the middle of nowhere.

From here Taylor-Compton’s Julie is terrorised in vivid visions by a burnt demonic woman, which although sounding quite Freddy Krueger-esque, this is much more resemblant of the Conjuring series in relying on timed jump scares and more a cult element rather than a dream killer.

There’s also nods to It Follows as the demon takes on the persona of a live virus.

Although the film sags in the middle as the group seem to go over old ground in the search for a cure to Julie’s afflictions, it ramps up for an entertaining finale.

Sometimes you can almost time the jump scares as Taylor-Compton proves she can scream with the best of them but Ghost House is applauded for trying to give us something fresh and different.

Ghost House is released on VOD Monday 28th May 2018.



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