Attack of the Adult Babies review


Well this was different.

Yes it will be said many times up until it’s release next month but there isn’t a film quite like Attack of the Adult Babies.

It’s gross, very gory and at times very funny but trying to categorise it is quite a challenge.

The plot essentially sets a family the challenge to recover top secret documents from a mansion in the middle of nowhere, where a sickening experiment is taking place on the elite of the area.

Although there is minor social commentary, saying basically politicians are all full of crap, Attack of the Adult Babies is best when it’s trying to have fun rather than tell a deep and meaningful story.

This is my only gripe with the film as it tries to tie up loose ends during its finale and goes to some strange places that take you out of the film entirely.

I give Brunt credit for his ambition with the story, the film is shamelessly B-movie and the gory special effects are a sight to be hold.

You will laugh, you will be grossed out but ultimately you will be entertained.

Attack of the Adult Babies is released on DVD on 18th June 2018.

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