Director talks ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ documentary


One of the most interesting documentaries currently in the works, is Nick Hunt’s look at the making of the most controversial entry in the Friday the 13th series – Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.
We got the chance to ask the Director all about the film.
Jason Goes to Hell isn’t the obvious Friday film to do a documentary on, tell us where the idea come from?
The idea came from the entry at self being a Dark Horse in the franchise. It’s similar to movies like Wes Craven’s New Nightmare where you have a chance that is being taken with a beloved character or setting and it either works or doesn’t work. Regardless if Jason Goes to Hell fits in Canon with the rest of the Friday the 13th franchise I love it as a standalone film and it gets people talking which is my entire goal of this project.
What can you recall about your first time watching the film?
I couldn’t tell you when I first watched Jason Goes to Hell. But I can tell you that I remember it being a thrill ride of sorts. It had the total package the violence, sex and humor.
Is Kane Hodder your favourite Jason?
Yes I have to say Kane is my favorite Jason Voorhees and always will be. The mannerisms and being that he link to the character is iconic in itself
What works and what doesn’t work about Jason Goes to Hell?
Truthfully I don’t think it’s really my place to say what works and then what doesn’t work in the film. I wouldn’t be gambling to say that everything worked in the film because as an individual film not everything does have to work.
I think the missteps and little background things having to do with the film that people have such an issue with, just added up over time and created a lot more controversy and nitpicking fuel.
I think there’s a lot of incredibly bold ideas in the film and I think Adam Marcus did an incredible job of improving upon and expanding upon some of the other aspects of the previous films.
Were there’s some issues? Yes. But I truly believe once viewers have the opportunity to watch this documentary they will see some of the reasons behind why some of these things may not have worked in your words. The great thing I say continuously about this documentary is you can love the film or hate the film and love documentary.
How hard has it been to track down the cast and crew to discuss the film?
It is been sort of an arduous task. The good thing is majority of the people involved with the original 1993 film are still on the west coast predominantly close to California where we are going to be filming this documentary.
There are some faces that are just going to be impossible to accomplish whether it be because the individual retired from acting or simply unreachable. But at the end of the day we have over a dozen letters of interest in and we are waiting on maybe 10 more.
Of the 12 that we already have confirmed we’ve previously announced some great and iconic names from the original film. I have a feeling that fans are going to be pleasantly surprised at some of the people were going to call up for some interviews.
Tell us about how Adam Marcus views the film all these years later?
It’s his baby. It is his first film and every filmmaker remembers their first film. He loves the new found interest in the film and it’s mythology and is ecstatic over how the fans have received this documentary all over the world. In a mere three months since we have announced the documentary we’ve been covered in over 15 countries.
Would it have been interesting to you for Marcus to have helmed Freddy vs Jason in the 90’s?
I think Freddy versus Jason was a film that was exactly what it was supposed to be. I tend not to speculate on what would have been because that’s what the fans are there for.
Do I think Adam Marcus could have done a worthwhile job on Freddy versus Jason? Yes absolutely. I just think Freddy versus Jason is very similar to Jason Goes to Hell in that it is a great Standalone film by itself outside of marathoning the franchise either franchise really.
Did the opening scene of Jason Goes to Hell shock you?
I love the opening scene of Jason Goes to Hell. When I first watched it the one thing that I do recall is being shocked. From that moment once Jason is exploded you knew all bets were off.
What did you think of Jason’s new look for the film?
I like Jason’s look. Do I think it’s a little suspicious that he changes wardrobe so much despite never been shopping? Yes. But I don’t question it.
I love the look of the Chrome looking mask as well as the old man strands of hair. Jason was definitely a formidable opponent in this one and next to part 7 the new blood is probably one of my favorite Jason Concepts.
When can fans expect the documentary to be released?
We are tentatively targeting filming the 3rd or fourth quarter of 2018 for a hopeful tentative release the beginning of 2019 if not sooner.
We want to be able to make sure to take our time and to involve the fans as much as humanly possible to make this a worthwhile Venture for everybody. This is for the fans this is for the amazing cast and crew that worked on the original film and this is for the young filmmaker everywhere.
Look out for The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees: The Making of the Final Friday later this year.

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