Weird Fiction review

Weird Fiction

When watching a horror anthology it’s almost a gut reaction to try to compare it with something that has come before.

Surprisingly Jacob Perrett’s independent effort falls closer to John Carpenter’s Body Bags than something like Creepshow or one of the grandaddy’s Trick ‘R Treat.

Four tales focus on very different themes that although not set in the 80’s, with their heavy synth score certainly recall one of the golden ages of campy horror.

We open with a mix of Stand By Me and Halloween as two teenagers go in search of a dead body they get more than they bargained for. Although there are some shots stolen from Carpenter’s classic, this tale turns out quite original. My only gripe was it was too darkly lit in some scenes so you can’t always tell what’s going on in.

Like all good anthologies this a mixed bag of treats as the final tale has strokes of E.T, as a pair of sisters have to deal with an alien who has crash landed in their back garden.

Something that could come across as hokey is dealt with really well and harkens back to classic science fiction in tone and delivery.

We have a new spin on the vampire tale, as its told from the perspective of a porn star with some comical results.

Night of the Sitter puts a more psychological spin on the babysitter motif and does a great job of keeping the monster out of sight for the most part.

Weird Fiction is retro in style but offers something fresh to the horror anthology and definitely more treat than trick.

If you’d like to back Weird Fiction on IndieGoGo click HERE


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