Johnny Price Jr. talks role in ‘Halloween’

Johnny Price Jr

Whilst we all wait with baited breath for first footage from Blumhouse’s Halloween we got the chance to have a brief chat with Johnny Price Jr. who features in the film.

Price Jr.’s role will be at the asylum where Michael Myers is being held, presumably after being captured after his bloody rampage in 1978. Interestingly you can see ‘SG’ on Johnny’s uniform which could stand for Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, where Michael was taken after killing his sister Judith in 1963 for 15 years.

Here’s what he had to say –

“I was in the asylum with Michael Myers it was pretty cool. Character wise I basically was background but featured.”

Much like the fans, Johnny hasn’t seen the elusive trailer yet, but promises fans are in for a treat –

“They only ones as of right now that has seen the trailer are theater owners so I’m waiting just like everyone else.

“The feedback I’ve heard so far has been great and this will be the Halloween that people have been waiting to see.”

Halloween, Directed by David Gordon Green will be released on 19th October 2018.


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