My Monster review


By Mike Vaughn

Izzy Lee is an exciting new voice in horror cinema and whenever she has a new project out I get pumped because I know to expect a certain level of polish, even layers in her products.

If Christmas time wasn’t stressful enough Lily (Brea Grant) must grapple with her bone head trainer partner (Adam Egypt Mortimer) and oh yeah she is visited nightly by a creepy figure wearing a robe.

What it wants is unclear but maybe its just a cuddle? Izzy Lee once again does not disappoint with this creative and wonderfully weird take on the Christmas horror sub genre.

As always Lee’s visuals are on point and she crafts a mood that is palpable using simple lighting and camera angles. My Monster strikes a nice balance between scary, funny and joyously absurd and that’s the type of short film I could watch all day long.

As with most of her films she has a theme of feminism without coming off preachy but rather it speaks to her unique insight and vision. I was also impressed with the performances from its leads Brea Grant, Adam Mortimer and Steve Johanson playing the titular monster.

Grant is a standout and her ease in front of the camera and the way she uses non verbal communication to form her character shows an acting maturity that will take her very far.

My Monster is a female forward horror short that is creepy but has a great playful side and features some great performances. I’m very excited to see what Izzy Lee can do with a feature film because its clear from her shorts that she is a rare talent that needs to be heard.

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