Circus Kane review

Circus Kane

Capitalising on the horror revival of caulrophobia, Circus Kane is a decent effort at the circus house from hell.

Taking similiar tropes from Tobe Hooper’s The Funhouse, a group of strangers are invited by former circus chief Balthazar Kane to his home, with one mission – to survive.

Although our group of expendables take this warning with a pinch of salt, they soon come to discover he’s a man of his word.

Circus Kane is at its best when its like a circus based game of traps, throwing in some bloody thirsty clowns for good measure and you have some genuine scares.

Much like Damien Leone’s Terrifier, Circus Kane doesn’t hold back with plenty of gore and creative kills to satisfy the blood hounds.

The film builds up nicely and only runs out of steam, ironically when Kane is brought into the fold; but like every good act Circus Kane has an ace up its sleeve which certainly elevates it above your run of the mill horror.

Circus Kane is definitely worth reserving a ticket for.

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