Bonejangles review


The one thing you cannot deny indie horror Bonejangles has is plenty of ideas.

This is both a plus and positive though.

From the opening scenes we are led to believe that the titular character will be at the forefront of the action he actually takes somewhat of a sideseat to an overarching plot of evil.

You could almost say this is a slasher meets witchcraft, with plenty of comedy.

This is when Bonejangles is at its best, when it’s not taking what could be considered dire circumstances and have a laugh about them. For example one of the characters who loses a limb in the film returns later on with a chainsaw attached to it.

It wears its horror tropes on its sleeve with the town of Argento and Bonejangles being transferred from police custody to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium.

The special effects are limited but given this is independent horror you let this go because Bonenjangles isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

Police Officer Doug is the one to piece the film together and brings together the two plot strands for the finale and also a love story to keep things interesting.

So part slasher, part occult; Bonejangles is certainly an attempt to do something different. It doesn’t always succeed but it’s a fun watch none the less.

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