Why Hide? review

why hide

The notorious horror comedy, when it goes astray it has disastrous results but when the balance is just right you are in for a treat.

Why Hide? has more laughs than most modern comedies but as the story develops it delivers some really chilling scares and that’s not just to do with its North East wintery setting.

A group of friends decide to spend Christmas together at a secluded mansion house and after the booze flows things take a dark turn when they are targetted by something that prays on their darkest fears.

Minus a mysterious opening sequence we spend the first half hour of the film just getting to know our group and Why Hide is all the better for it as when everything goes south we are invested into pretty much everyone’s fate.

Although set on Christmas eve the film doesn’t focus on the time of year and more on its story and doesn’t give in to cheap seasonal scares.

Despite the low budget the effects are impressive with our villain held in the shadows as long as possible and doesn’t disappoint once revealed.

Orla Cottingham shines as resourceful Jo from the Valleys, providing plenty of comic relief along with bitchy Hugo (William Holstead).

Despite a short running time Why Hide crams so much story in, hinting at a larger plot at work that it would be interesting to have another mansion retreat sometime soon.

‘Why Hide’ is certainly the most original horror of 2018 so far.


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