The Depths review

The Depths.png

What is the price of fame and how far would you go to get it?

This is the over-arching theme of neo-noir thriller The Depths, which substitutes spectacle for characterisation; and is all the better for it.

The cruz of the story lies in the relationship between Mickey and Ray, two friends from different walks of life, coming together to make it as a screenwriting duo, although no one told them how hard it was going to be.

Whereas Ray takes criticism on board, Mickey goes in the opposite direction and The Depths is very much his descent into welll…..the depths of his own mind.

Writers are always told to write what they know, so when their crime and murder related script is rejected by a studio exec, they aim to experience elements of their story for real, but Mickey’s demons take over.

He is the archetypal anti-hero with only a small number of redeeming qualities; he probably drinks too much, he lies and also uses drugs; yet Patch Darragh’s portrayal makes him quite relatable.

Like many noirs this story only gets darker and will have you gripped until its gut wrenching finale.


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