Pyewacket review


Sometime in our lives we always have that split second feeling of wanting to throttle our parents, especially in our teens.

This is very much the case for Leah as her mum decides to move house away from her friends, following the death of her father.

The young girl isn’t your average high schooler as she has begun dabbling in the occult with her friends, but decides to take a darker turn after having enough of her last remaining parent.

One of the best things about Pyewacket is how it lets the audience decide the conclusion of some minor plot threads; the motto being that the mind can conjure up something far worse than we could ever show you.

This again goes for the demon Pyewacket, which is seldomly seen during the 90 minutes, minus a handful of tension filled scenes.

The mother/daughter relationship here is the key though as Laurie Holden (of Walking Dead fame) and Nicole Munoz make a very convincing and disfunctional mother and daughter.

Holden’s speech on her reasons for moving home are truly heartbreaking and makes us sympathise more with the mother than the daughter, despite flaws on both sides.

Although it feels like the shocking finale comes a bit too soon, Pyewacket is one of the most original occult horrors in recent memory.


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