Halloween: Resurgence review


One of the things you can always guarantee with fan films of popular franchises such as Halloween, is their commitment to a particular narrative.

Darren Jones’ Halloween: Resurgence is quite unique in that it attempts to bridge a gap between Halloween 1-4 and the dreadful Halloween: Resurrection.

Michael Myers has become a myth in the town of Haddonfield, with the town no longer celebrating Halloween in any shape (excuse the pun) or form.

This isn’t true for a group of friends (two of which live in the location of the old Myers house) decide on a Halloween venture to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium.

Jones does a commendable job to build tension with a number of exposition scenes before the group find out the boogeyman is real, and has returned to cause more bloody havoc.

There are winks and nods to Carpenter’s original with similiar shots employed, but this is very much a stand alone tale. The mask is also one of the best to feature in a fan film to date, which certainly adds to the portrayal of Myers which attempts to re-create the Nick Castle movements.

Watch Halloween: Resurgence below –

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