Slash of the Titans: The Road to Freddy vs Jason review


slash of the titans

Since that iconic moment in the rather muddle Jason Goes to Hell when Freddy Krueger’s glove grabbed Jason’s hockey mask and dragged it to the pits of hell, fans clambered for the match up of two horror icons.

But from 1993 to its eventual release 20 years later, the phrase development hell took on a whole new meaning.

Dustin McNeill’s book chronicles in great detail 10 screenplays (including the film’s actual story) with so many different ideas that the mind truly boggles at what could have been.

The most intriguing part of the book lies in the story of Rob Bottin’s involvement in the project, which was set to be his directorial debut. Bottin’s script was considered the weakest of a long line of ideas but New Line given the long gestation of the project was willing to gamble on it.

One of the ideas that worked its way through at least scripts was adding a cult of Freddy fanatics ‘Fredheads’ lead by Dominic Necros, a character who had scarred himself in honour of his ‘master’.

The only part that feels slightly glazed over is the controversy surrounding Kane Hodder’s lack of involvement in the final film, as it seems that no one interviewed knows the real reason he was cast aside with Ken Kirzinger donning the hockey mask.

McNeill also talks to all of the screenwriters on the project and their insights to New Line and Sean Cunningham’s views on the project and the tug of war between getting the balance right between the franchises’ is truly fascinating.

This book is a must read for all Freddy and Jason fans.

Buy Slash of the Titans: The Road to Freddy vs Jason HERE


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