Interview: ‘Werehouse’ star Derek Nelson

Derek Nelson

New independent horror Werehouse will bring university students with a lycanthropic nightmare, we caught up with actor Derek Nelson who plays David.

Tell us about your character David?

David is an employee at the warehouse the main characters find themselves in. He is a hard and responsible worker who puts others before himself. However he has some really terrible luck and has found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time!

What are your favourites werewolf movies?

Some of my favourites include the all time classic American Werewolf in London as well as Dog Soldiers. But I also really like the absurdity of Wolf Cop and I recently watched Late Phases which had some fantastic costumes for the Werewolves. I have to be honest with you and tell you that my guilty pleasure werewolf film is the first Underworld. I don’t even care. Those werewolves looked badass.

Do you think it’s time we had another great werewolf film?

I think we are in desperate need of another great werewolf movie. That is what we are trying to do with Werehouse. Horror is unlike any other genre of film in that it has the power to actively affect its audience. What better way to do that then trap your main characters in a dark warehouse with a terrifying werewolf! The horror community is the best film community out there and so they deserve the best werewolf film we can make.

You’ve worked with Daniel Mark Young before, what was different for this project?

I had the pleasure of working with them last year on For Her. The writer of that film as well as Werehouse, James Craigie, takes these horror icons and really gives a fresh spin to them. I had such a great time working with them on For Her that when I found out their next film was about a werewolf I knew I had to be apart of it!

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is play a movie monster. One of the first horror films I ever saw as a kid was Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan and the way Kane Hodder portrays Jason really stuck with me. These roles have become so iconic and I’ve always wanted my shot at it. So I asked Daniel if I could wolf out for him. For me this is a dream come true!

What can you tell us about the design of the wolf costume?

The wolf costume is what makes or breaks a werewolf film in my opinion. So for Werehouse the team are sparing no expense. Almost half our budget is going into the suit. We want it to be the best most believable costumes we can get.

From what I’ve seen it is very reminiscent of the costumes used in Dog Soliders and Late Phases. As realistic as possible. We know that how the costume looks will directly effect how our audience perceive our film so this is something we have to get right.

What sort of perks are on offer for horror fans?

Asking someone to donate their hard earned cash to a short film is not easy. And rightfully so. You’ve earned that money. The hard way. So they guys at ViralFilmsUK have put one of the best kickstarter rewards pages I’ve ever seen.

Of course I am a bit biased!

But at the £20 pledge they are offering digital copies of Werehouse, For Her, and Run. If you jump up to £50 you get an A2 sized Werehouse poster with the incredible artwork by Joe Byrne plus a Bluray/DVD copy of Werehouse and digital copies of Werehouse, For Her, and Run.

At £250 you are classed as an Executive Producer of the film. Your credit will be in the film under that title and you will receive a signed Bluray/DVD copy of Werehouse, Run and For Her, a signed copy of the script, a Viral Films t-shirt, signed A2 sized Werehouse poster plus all the digital copies!

If someone is feeling very generous they could fund the whole thing which would get you a ‘YOUR NAME PRESENTS’ at the start of the film, plus signed Bluray/DVD copies of Werehouse, Run, and For Her, signed Werehouse poster, signed script, A vinyl of the score of Werehouse, the Viral Films t shirt and you business logo at the end of the film. So yeah! There are a lot of really great perks for those willing to pledge! Gotta give back.

Tell us about some of your other upcoming projects?

I have a few films on the horizon. This summer I’m a film called Primeval Predator directed by Andrew Jones of North Bank Entertainment which will be on DVD and VOD. In the film I’m apart of a mercenary group tasked with bringing in a rogue T-Rex that has escaped a nearby lab.

Later this month I am back with Andrew and NBE filming the prison drama Alcatraz Island based on the infamous Battle of Alcatraz. April will see me with Andrew again for The House on Cielo Drive which is about Charles Manson, and later this year should see the release of the zombie film SurvivorZ on DVD which I shot with Tudley James of Tudor Films.

You have a grounding in horror, what do you enjoy most about the genre?

I love horror. I love watching horror. I love acting in horror. It’s such a rich and diverse genre. I mean what other genre do you get to compare your best on screen deaths with your co-stars?

What I enjoy most about the genre is how much fun it is. I mean I get to pretend to be Werewolf! That’s amazing! The horror community is such a strong place and it brings people together. What other genre has such a passionate and strong fan base? None. I want to entertain and if that means getting my throat slit every now and then, that’s okay with me.

Support Werehouse on Kickstarter HERE

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